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Every Australian dwelling is unique in it's own way so it is not possible to set prices in stone. However, we pride ourselves on our competitiveness and you will find our pricing structured accordingly (please phone or email for an accurate quotation).


We highly recommend and, in fact, insist that you get quotations from other reputable pest control companies, so that you can ascertain just how competitive our prices are.


Don't Get Stung

Please understand when getting quotations that 'cheap' does not necessarily mean 'good value''. For example, let's say you accepted a '$129.00' special for cockroach treatment from 'El Cheapo Fly By Night Pest Control'. 'El Cheapo' mixes a highly toxic insecticide concentrate at the lowest possible rate. (The more toxic the insecticide, the cheaper it is to purchase).The 'roaches' are, indeed, temporarily eradicated but they are back in 5 weeks time. The pest company (operating from a rented residence using a mobile phone number) never returns your calls and you have to then engage the services of a reputable pest control company to carry out the job correctly. Clearly, you haven't saved any dough in this scenario.


As a general rule we do everything in our power to carry out a full pest control program to an average Aussie home using pyrethrum based non toxic control agents. Areas treated include all internal rooms, sub-floor area, roof cavity, garage, windows, eaves, fence lines, garbage areas, pool fencing, drains, gardens & any other suspected pest harbourages) for under $200.00*.

* Applies to a single story, 3 bedroom home, treating for large cockroaches and webbing spiders and does not include GST.


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