Ants are social insects which live in nests. The nests vary in size depending on their age and the species of ant. They are generally found in the ground, in wood or under rocks, although ants can also nest in walls, fireplaces, under paths and in buildings. Ants are a very successful insect group with over 1200 species occurring in Australia. All species can be beneficial to the environment. Some eat insect pests such as termites, their nests improve the soil, they quickly recycle nutrients back into the soil and they are food for a wide range of native birds, reptiles and other small animals.  


Ants as Pests

Most ant species are classified as pests due to the fact they are unsightly in homes and embarrasing for proud home owners (although some ant species can inflict very painful bites). Even the cleanest of homes can provide a ready food source for ants. Once established inside a home, ants can build up to such high numbers that total eradication is impossible for the home owner using insect sprays purchased from hardware stores or shops. This is when the services of a pest control company are required.


Professional Treatment for Ants  

A number of different ant control methods are available for a professional pest controller. It is essential that correct identification of the particular ant infestation is made. We, at Central Pest Control, will identify if the ant species are sugar feeding ants or protein feeding ants and bait accordingly. We will also use non repellant sprays such as 'Termidor', which is far more successful than the older repellant sprays. Often, the main colony of ants may be in a concealed location. (All the more reason to use attractive ant baits and non repellent insecticides so that they can be taken back to these concealed ant colonies). There is 1 species of ant (Carpenter ants) which can cause considerable timber damage to your home. These ants need to be identified quickly by a professional pest controller and dealt with accordingly.

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Cost for Ant Treatment  

It is difficult to give an exact pricing for ant control, given the fact that all Aussie homes are unique in size, style, location and construction. Our pricing structure differs greatly from the larger well known pest control companies (charging in excess of $300.00 for an ant treatment) and the 'fly by night' companies with their '$99 specials' (please check out our Price Guide under the heading 'Don't get stung'). As a general rule, we do everything in our power to carry out a full ant eradication program (using non repellent low toxic insecticides and the latest sugar and/or protein based ant baits) for under *$200.00.

*(Applies to a single storey 3 bedroom home within a 45 minute radius of our Head Office at Mortdale and does not include GST. Excludes Carpenter ant treatment).


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