Equipment We Use

We, at Central Pest Control, are at the forefront regarding infra red camera technology used throughout termite (white ant) inspections.

We use the latest model FLIR ThermaCAM which enables us to pick up 'hot spots' within wall cavities. (Subterranean termites give off heat when attacking  timbers inside cavities). FLIR is the world leader in infra red camera technology and supply these cameras to Fire Brigades, Military Forces and Police Departments (and now, forward thinking pest control companies) worldwide.  

Police Departments use these infra red cameras to pick up the heat from 'bad guys' hiding in houses. We do the same. However, the 'bad guys' we are chasing are the termites (white ants) attacking your home. Due to the exorbitant price of these cameras, only a handful of Australian pest companies use them during timber pest inspections.   

As such, some of these companies charge a significant premium for the use of such advanced technology. (The old supply and demand syndrome). We are aware of several pest establishments charging a minimum fee of $760.00 including GST for an infra red termite (white ant) inspection.

We charge as low as a quarter of this price! When your home is due for a general pest treatment to control cockroaches and associated general pests of health, take advantage of our affordable rates.  

Termites cause far more damage to Australian homes than fire, floods and storms combined.(At least you can insure your home against these forces of nature). We do not know of any insurance company insuring homes against subterranean termite attack, even though it is not uncommon for these highly destructive pests to cause in excess of $40,000.00 worth of damage. (Some homes have even suffered far greater losses).


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